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Argonaut server protocol

Argonaut server use the json-rpc protocol version 1.0


The protocol used is JSON-RPC 1.0


  • action” allows to do an action on a client.
  • get_entries_by_id” and “get_entries_by_mac” allows to get all the queued entries that concern a given list of ids/macs.
  • get_entries” allows to get all the queued entries.
  • echo” return what you give it, can be useful for testing server connection.
  • ping” allows you to know if a client is correctly running. (it actually test the echo method of the client)
  • remove_entries” allows you to cancel entries.
  • process_entries_now” allows you to launch a bunch of scheduled entries right away. Beware, right now, doing that on a periodic entry will launch it once and remove it from queue.
  • get_my_id” returns a task id given a mac address
  • get_host_id” returns a task id given a cn and a filter
  • set_task_substatus” sets a task current status and progress (used by FAI)
  • set_error” sets a task to error status (used by FAI)
  • get_packages” returns list of debian or rpm packages

Action method

Action method takes 3 parameters :

  1. The action to be launched on the client
  2. The list of concerned mac addresses
  3. A hash containing:
    • timestamp : the date and time we want the action to be launched, unix timestamp utc format. (epoch)
    • periodic : X_units, where X is a number and units is in [seconds,minutes,hours,days,months]
    • args : the argument you want to send to the action on the client. (can be an object or an array)


Action that can be triggered:

  • trigger_action_reinstall
  • trigger_action_update
  • trigger_action_wake
  • trigger_action_reboot
  • trigger_action_memcheck
  • detect_hardware

Or it can be any action that is implemented on the client side. (for instance trigger_action_halt)

Mac Addresses

You have to send a list, even if it is empty or have only one element. The Mac Addresses will be searched in the ldap each time the action is to be launched.


If the hash does not contains timestamp entry, the action is launched right away. Same thing if the timestamp is in the past (but beware of periodicity behavior in this case).


If the hash does not contains periodic entry, the action is launched only once. Do not indicate “0_something” if you don't want periodicity, just put null or “”. The task will be launched every X units if periodic entry is filled.

Warning : If the timestamp is X*Y units in the past, the action will be launched Y times right away.


    "method": "action",
    "params": [

will call action “job_trigger_action_halt” on client “00:11:22:33:44:55” once at 1313667842 (which is 2011-08-18 11:44:02 UTC)

    "method": "action",
    "params": [

will call action “foo_bar” on client “00:11:22:33:44:55” immediately

    "method": "action",
    "params": [

will call action “foobar” every 7 minutes on clients “00:11:22:33:44:55” and “00:11:22:33:44:56” with parameter [13,37] (a table containing 2 numbers)

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