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Argonaut configuration file

Argonaut use a global configuration file that is used by all programs : argonaut.conf.

This file is composed of various sections, all sections are filled with correct basic values.

Argonaut configuration file sections


This section contains all the argonaut server parameters :

server_ip   =

the ip address the server listen to. This address must match with the MAC address of argonaut server provided in FusionDirectory interface. Thus not your loopback interface ;)


This section contains all the argonaut clients parameters :

client_ip  =

the ip address the client listen to (not the loopback either).


This section contains all the ldap parameters :

config   = /etc/ldap/ldap.conf

Where is stored your ldap.conf configuration file.

dn       = cn=admin,dc=fusiondirectory,dc=org

What is your bind dn.

password = secret

What is the password for the provided bind dn.


Set it to on if you will use TLS.

tls      = off

ldap configuration file

Of course, you need the right parameters in your /etc/ldap/ldap.conf


BASE    dc=fusiondirectory,dc=org
URI     ldap:///

(adapt to fit your needs)

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